Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Disclaimer: this was written last week but I'm finally posting it now. Sorry for the lag! I'll update you with current events soon.

I spent the weekend in San Francisco and early Monday morning I went to have my CVS performed. There were some complications because my cervix was an odd position so the doctor decided not to perform the test. He said to come back in 10 days and by then everything would be fine. But I did get to see lots of images of the wiggly niblet, who measured 3 day ahead of where I had it (previously it had measured two days behind). The tech took a whole lot of measurements, and the doctor said everything looked good including the nuchal measurement. Though it wasn't an official measurement -- apparently they have to do it three times and a lot of paperwork has to be filled out prior to that for state regulations.

Considering I was all the way in San Francisco, and missed half a day of work, and would have to come back in 10 days and miss a full day of work, I decided that maybe I'll just have the screening tests and not go forward with the diagnostic. Nothing so far has concerned the doctors with the baby's measurements or anatomy. It's growing well, it's heart rate is normal, everything seems to be progressing nicely. For the first time ever!

Best thing about yesterday was that I got to see a bunch of photos of the baby. Here's one:

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