Monday, August 26, 2013

29w5d still here!!

Hello to anyone who was reading this blog and wondered whatever happened to me!!  I am sorry that I stopped writing, but life became busy.  I got a second job, which is a lot of computer work after my normal work day, so when I wasn't working one of my 2 jobs, I just wasn't up for sitting at the computer and typing away anymore.  Also, once I went public with my pregnancy, I was able to get my thoughts out verbally to friends and family, and didn't require the blog as much as it wasn't my only outlet.  Regardless, I know some folks have wondered, and others have stopped by and read it, only to see it unfinished.  They must have wondered whatever happened to me and my pregnancy. 

So I'm here to say that I and the baby girl are fine!  We are plugging along, battling gestational diabetes (which is not uncommon in us older moms, and will end as soon as the placenta is out of me), but otherwise fine.  Oh, but I'm slightly anemic, so I'm drinking an herbal supplement to amend this as well.  I've been having checkups every 4 weeks, my next one is in 2 weeks when I'm at 32 weeks.  At that point I'll also start having twice-weekly non stress tests (NSTs) for the baby.  These will be appointments where they hook me up to a belly monitor that will look for the baby's movement and listen to her heartbeat.  They'd told me long ago, before the gestational diabetes (GD) diagnosis that I'd need to do these, since I'm on a low dose of blood pressure medication (I have been for 3 years).  And now that I have GD as well, it's even more important for them to know that she's under no stress.  The only pisser of it is that it'll eat into my sick time, which I am counting on for my unpaid maternity leave.

I'll write more soon, but for now I'm posting this before I fail to do so for months on end!!

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